One of my favorite recipe sites.

Many people ask me, “Grant, what do you DO with all those peppers you grow?” Well, the easy answer is, “I eat them!!” I eat peppers fresh, I dry them, and I freeze them… but mostly, I cook with them!

There are some great resources out there if you want to cook with peppers, but one of my favorites is “Titli’s Busy Kitchen!” Titli Nihan is the host of a series of YouTube videos that I first stumbled upon a couple years back while looking for a Chicken Vindaloo recipe. She claims it to be the best Chicken Vindaloo recipe in the world, and I can’t argue!

What I like most about Ms. Nihan is her sense of humor. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she makes wonderful foods, and she makes things I would love to eat! So check her out!! and follow her YouTube channel here: