My “famous” bhut jolokia videos

Well, the reason most people stumble upon this site is because of a couple of YouTube videos I’ve done in the past few years. I just checked into it and was BLOWN AWAY by the fact that the two videos below have been viewed over 300,000 times! Staggering!!

This first one was maybe the second or third bhut jolokia video on the Internet as best as I can tell, now there’s hundreds, if not thousands! Just call me a trendsetter! 😉

The second video came a year later (2008), and was a response to many of the criticisms I received from the first video. It’s now gotten over 100,000 views!

These videos aren’t only fun to watch, but they’ve really opened up the door for several meaningful contacts from people regarding swapping seeds, looking for information, neighbors, and people from around the world. I even got a call from the TV show, America’s Got Talent wanting me to come to Chicago and eat a bhut jolokia as my “talent” for a private audition and virtually guaranteed me I’d get sent to L.A. (Yeah… seriously… they wouldn’t stop calling!) I still get 5-10 emails a day from people asking about the peppers, how they can grow them, and if I still have some to share. (I DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT NOW!!!)

I just had to give a little tip of the hat to those videos…

4 replies on “My “famous” bhut jolokia videos”

  1. are you still sendiing out the Ghost Chilis?! I am going to do it and post it on youtube and obviously mention your website or something for supplying it!

    1. As it says in the post above… I don’t have any. It’s April in Ohio, peppers don’t grow in April in Ohio. 😉

  2. Impressive! I was hoping you could send me a pepper once you DO have them. (or tell me another reliable source) I’m in a manliness club, we meet every Manday (Monday) and do manly things. This would be a great challenge to our manliness! Let me know if oyu have any available and I will you give you my address, thanks!

    1. Hi Patrick! Keep an eye on the site… when they start to ripen up in a couple more months, drop me a line again and I should be able to send you a few!

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