I’m going to try transplanting my seedlings into a product called CowPots this year, or at least some of them. I first heard of them from a fellow I sent some bhut jolokia peppers to a year or so ago, he’s growing peppers this year and is going to go completely organic. You can follow his trials and triumphs in the garden at his blog.

While I was doing some research on CowPots, I stumbled upon this recent review on what looks to be a great blog! I’ll be adding Culinary Bliss to my RSS reader!

I’ll let you know how the CowPots fare against other, more traditional pots!

3 replies on “CowPots”

  1. i’m the CowPot guy. i would really like to hear how the pot’s do for you. If you have any issues that i can be of help on let me know. One thing to remenber is cowpots like it a bit dry in the greenhouse and don’t need to be riped or crushed when planted in the ground. good luck and have a good growing season.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Matt! I’m looking forward to giving them a go and spreading the word if it’s worth spreading (like manure). 😉

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