The past two years have been a bust for my garden. 2012 we moved to a new home… right at the start of the growing season. I tried to get something going here at the new house as far as a garden goes, but it was consumed (and I mean CONSUMED) by Canada Thistle. I even put a weed barrier down, and this thistle burst through it. RIDICULOUS!!

I decided to just write it off and look ahead to 2013. Our good friends who run Shared Legacy Farms brought over a load of compost and a tractor with a BIG tiller behind it. The garden was tilled DEEP and the soil amended with the great compost. Everything looked great for a wonderful season of growing! I got the garden planted, and then a few weeks later, I noticed some Canada Thistle starting to pop up. So, I decided to carefully spray some herbicide on them… well, I wasn’t careful enough. 🙁 The whole garden started to curl up and within a week or to, everything was dead.

January 2014
There’s a garden under there somewhere!!

I spent the rest of 2013 tilling and amending the soil. I bought a wonderful rear-tine tiller and THINK I did a good job making the soil healthy and weed free for this season. In the fall, I planted a cover crop of buckwheat in the garden and let it flower and then just let it sit when the frost hit it.

This winter has been the harshest EVER recorded in NW Ohio. The combination of cold and snow has never been seen before. We’ve gotten over 6 feet of snow and have set about a half-dozen record low temperatures. It’ll be interesting to see how things even out come growing season!!