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Blah blah blah

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… and in all honesty, I just really haven’t FELT much like posting. Lots going on, but, for the most part, I don’t feel like getting on the computer and typing more at the end of the day. Been putting at least 9 and often many more hours in […]

Back to it…

Well, vacation is over. I have consciously kept myself away from work and the computer since July 21, and it’s been great! Today work begins again. I’ve got a ton of photos to post… hopefully over the next few days I’ll be able to get them online. Ugh…

Planted the Garden

Well, this is a post and an experiment. I’m able to post to WordPress via email, so I’ve set up an account for just that purpose and am testing it out with this post. It seems like a pretty cool feature! I worked 6 hours yesterday so today is my day off. NICE!! We bought […]

Movin’ on up…

Well, Maryellen and I have decided to relocate. I’m not sure when it will happen, but we want to get out of NW Ohio. I used to cling to the fact that I needed to be here for my mom, but with Ron in her life, that’s no longer an issue… and I used to […]

My mind is now sufficiently blown!

Yesterday I found out one of my new co-workers…who is a very quiet, unassuming, almost un-approchable individual…is one of the foremost authorities on 19th and early 20th century baseball! He’s published 2 books and will be on ESPN Classic tomorrow night at 8PM!! David Fleitz’s two books are both available at, Shoeless – The […]

New Job

Well, I’m about to head out for my first day at Glasstech. Wish me luck! I hate nerves…..