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Send it in, Jerome!!!

Almost impossible to believe it was 17 years ago tonight that Pitt’s Jerome Lane shattered a backboard on a dunk against Providence… I can remember watching it live on ESPN. Remember when the Big East was THE basketball conference!?!?!? Bill Raftery’s call on that dunk was CLASSIC!! I’ve scoured the Internet tonight for a photo […]

Small Block

One of the cool things about working in the “automotive industry” is coming across things like this!

The only thing better than ME on TV….

…is a Diana Krall concert on Canadian TV!!! Pretty much the same concert I saw in Toledo, with a few different songs and she’s wearing a different outfit. And an added benefit (and you truly can’t appreciate this if you don’t live in the Toledo market) is that there are NO POLITICAL ADS!! Maryellen keeps […]

To an Athlete Dying Young…

Today, an 18 year old young man died on his first day of football practice as a walk-on at BGSU. Aaron Robertson was from Sandusky Perkins High School where he was one of the top athletes in the state of Ohio. He dominated in basketball, football and went to state in track in 4 separate […]

Are you ready??

Well, Saturday is the start of the BGSU Football season. Last year the team finished up the year ranked in the top 25. This year, they get a test right off the bat. Playing #2 Oklahoma in Oklahoma. (Most of you reading this can get the game on ABC regional coverage. In Toledo, OUR ABC […]

This is awesome!!

Philadelphia is going to make their entire city wireless!!


Anyone want a gmail account?? I’ve got a dozen invites at my disposal. Email me if you’d like one.

Well, this caught me off guard.

Laura Branigan is dead. I know…not Earth-shattering, but surprising none-the-less. I think my fondest Laura Branigan moment was a roller skating scene featuring her on CHiPs!


More pictures as I try to get caught back up with life after a week away. Geez, vacations are great, but when you return, EVERYTHING is backed up!


Well, it was 5 years ago yesterday (I wanted to post, but a power surge through Elmore’s archaic power-grid ate my router yesterday) that Maryellen woke up unable to see out of her right eye. After a trip to the ER and a few more doctor appointments the following couple of days, we learned that […]

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