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This is way cool! These people have some great ideas. Sounds like a fun project. I think my favorite is the 1/10 model car pc.


Wow!! Woke up to about 2-3″ of snow! Windy…snow is still blowing. Pretty sweet! It’s really pretty outside, it’s a wet clingy snow that’s sticking to all the trees limbs and making everything look like it’s covered in fluffy vanilla frosting!! It’s still dark out, but once the sun starts to light things up, I’m […]

Awesome log info!!

I was looking through my server logs for this page…well, for in general, and someone got here (actually it logged 2 visits) by searching for “may i mambo dog-face to the banana patch” That’s just so freaking awesome!! “get that kid out of here, give him a special test!” “I’ll have a shoe with […]

Pockmarked with divots…

I just like that phrase. Someone on the radio used it to describe U of M’s football field after a recent game and I thought it sounded cool.


Just upgraded the blogging engine to MT 2.5 Testing to make sure all went well.

Frost on the pumpkin

I had to scrape my windows this AM. My truck will hit 150,000 miles this week. That’s all.

Going to bed early…

Not a whole lot of news. I had an OK weekend. We’re putting together the details for buying the materials for fencing in our back yard. Should be a good project. I think we’re going to go in with George (a co-worker of Maryellen’s) and get a power auger for a day. Use it at […]

Berkeley Breathed

Just found some great memories in these two websites: and I LOVED Bloom County so much in the 80’s. I have all the books, have the MP3’s of the Billy and the Boinger’s songs and really miss that kind of humor. In fact, I miss comic strips that you could actually read. Dilbert […]

Who needs sleep??

I sure don’t. I’ve had bad nights the past few in a row…just haven’t been able to relax and get sleep. Oh well, maybe tonight! I’ve added the little mood indicator, having been inspired by Tuel. Kind of cute and fun…my problem will be that I won’t remember to update it and I’ll remain “Itchy” […]

Adding some more text

This is just adding some more text to see how the window handles more text. I’m working with the style sheet trying to make this look slick, but thus far I don’t really like the layout. I’ll have to play with the template some more. All in all though, this blog rocks!! Here’s even more […]

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