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A TRUE genius passes…

I had the pleasure of meeting Harold McMaster on several different occasions. He was, perhaps, the most brilliant and most prolific inventor of our time. He was on the verge of something huge with the McMaster Motor too… Now I work for the company he founded. His obituary can be found here.

Help her out!

Statia, from, one of my favorite blogs, is doing the MS 150 bike ride. You all my deal with MS…please consider dropping by her site and making a pledge. Oh….she’s a fabulous babe too!! 😉

Interesting stats

I was looking at’s usage statistics tonight and, as always, found some interesting things. First of all, one of the crawlers to hit my site was from, apparently a repository of the web and blogs that can be cross-referenced to screen for plagarism. I had a typewriter in college. I also got a […]

Long arm…

Had a pretty good weekend. It was the Bivins famly reunion. My grandma Rife was a Bivens. All of her siblings are still alive (except for a sister that died when they were children). Grandma is the oldest at 86 and the youngest, Aunt Bobbie, is 75. Pretty amazing bunch of sibs! It wasn’t a […]

Pimpin’ Google News

I’ve been pimping this site,, since it’s inception almost a year ago now. I love it…it’s my homepage and it’s the best place to get a HUGE variety of news from every viewpoint. Plus they’ve got a huge database of sources to search for recent news articles. And added just recently….Google News India!! If […]

This is pretty cool…

This guy has a crawler that goes out and sees what books/music/etc people are talking about on their blogs and then lists them by popularity. Check it out!

Even taller?!?!?!?

Have you seen what they’re building at Cedar Point?!?!?! These photos are from the 14th. Check out for all the latest Cedar Point stuff!

Emily Dickinson

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Emily Dickinson… Having been an English major, I had to read a LOT of Emily Dickinson. She’s very “readable” for those who don’t like poetry…her writing is the style one thinks of when you’re 8 years old and think of a poem. This is one of my […]

A rival for

Have you checked out The Schmews yet? I’ve also added a stream of the latest satire links on the right side of this page —> All for the good of humanity. And taking a cue from Eddo, I’ve added a random quote generator which is full of actual inspirational quoets at this point (from the […]

One more reason the United States is the greatest country on the planet!!

Barney, the “First Dog” will be outfitted with a webcam and his wanderings through the White House will be available online!! As Yackov Smirnov would say “What a country!!” Here’s a link to the New York Times story…

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