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Tunak, baby…TUNAK!!

Greatest use of flash…EVER!!!

The BAND Elwood, the BAND!!

Yesterday was such a blast!! Maryellen and I went back to Bowling Green and marched in the Alumni Falcon Marching band. It was fun to be part of a group like that again after 12 years or so! The I knew 2 of the other 4 mellophones, and by the end of the day, felt […]

I want THIS!!! How cool would it be to own THAT?!?!? Damn… And made by the same maker that creates instruments for Norah Jones‘ dad! Well, my BP isn’t coming down with the Altace. Saw Dr. Narra tonight and it was 160/110. About the same as it was 4 months ago when we started treatment. Good news […]

Free Media Play Rewards Membership

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I’m a badass radio programmer!!

We’re right in the middle of Grant’s 80’s hour on XM radio. This is so cool!! Nothing like an hour of music where you know every word to every song!! Plus I got to talk to Heidi Selexa this evening. She’s very sweet and has fun with her job. What an awesome job she has […]

My songs

Well, I finally sent my song list off to Heidi Selexa for the Grant hour on XM 80s on 8. Here’s my list: Heat of the Moment — Asia Do you Believe in Love — Huey Lewis and the News 99 Luftbaloons — Nena Cry — Godly and Cream One More Minute — “Weird Al” […]

This is so cool!

Well, the ultimate 80’s babe, Heidi Selexa, has offered to let me program an hour of music on XM Channel 8!! How freaking sweet is that?!?!? I’m seriously excited, but it’s hard to pick out just an hour of my favorite music from my favorite era. I’ll post the list here when it’s done and […]

Another reason to love XM

May is officially “Mullet Month” on XM Radio station 41. From the XM Radio site: Mullet Month Bone Yard – XM 41 All Month In celebration of the classic hairstyle and Hair Bands, Da Boneyard has renamed May “Mullet Month.” Listen all month long for Hair Band specials like Mullet Monday, and The Top 41 […]

Blow baby blow!

Well, last night Maryellen and I got to practice the brass piece we’ll be doing in church Sunday with the choir. Unfortunately, everything I had practiced prior was wrong. LOL…The trumpet part was written in the wrong key, so I had to transpose it in order to play in the same key as the trombones, […]

The band Elwood the band!

We just got back from our first practice w/the Genoa Legion Band! I was the only French horn (or freedom horn…lol). There were probably 30 people there including Jim Reed & Charlie Brewster from my HS band days! It looks like this wiltbe a fun group to be a part of! We’re one of only […]

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