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Boing boing

Thanks to the blog at Veer for this tip. What do you get when you drop a quarter-million super balls down one of the streets of San Francisco?? An amazingly simple and beautiful tv commercial. This would have been an incredible music video too. Great piece of art/advertising here! Check it out at FWIW, […]

Brain space…

How much of your brain is holding music lyrics??? I mean, really. I listen to the 80’s channel on XM and I know over 90% of the words to over 90% of the songs. Isn’t there something better I could be using that brain capacity for?? Do I really NEED to know all the words […]

Baptism video

Geez, it’s been a BUSY week AND weekend… not much to report other than configuring computers and working on finish carpentry. Kind of boring… I put together a pretty sweet video (iMovie RULES!!!) of our baptism for our friends, Doug and Jenny, the two other members of our home group who were baptized along with […]

Silver Taps

Wow… So, I’ve been looking into Taps tonight, since a member of posted information about BuglesAcrossAmerica was founded on the premise that every veteran of the US military deserves a live rendition of Taps to be played at their funeral. Congress passed a law in 2000 stating that every vet was entitled to […]

Picture pages….

Finally got some of my photos from the Chicago trip up and online. I was still getting the hang of the new camera, so there is a lot of blur up there. Just to save all you ladies the effort of asking me, the guy is my buddy Andrew. He took the trip with me. […]


I’ve been waiting for this news for a couple years now. Delphi has developed a personal XM radio (AKA Walkman-esque). Check it out!! Oh…and XMSR is trading at almost $33/share now. 😉

That was fun!!

Well the Diana Krall concert was great last night!! I didn’t know a whole lot about her personally, but always loved her voice and her choice of songs. Last night though, she really impressed me as someone who I’d enjoy hanging out with. Someone in the crowd yelled something at her…like a song they wanted […]


Tonight we’re going to see Diana Krall at the Stranahan in Toledo. I can’t wait!! I got really good seats by being a member of her email mailing list. The reserved the first 15 rows for members or something like that, so we’ll be in row 12. I’m thinking once the weather starts to get […]


We had a terrific night last night! We all met at Maumee Bay Brewing Company downtown Toledo and had some great food! Maryellen was coming off of working 2 straight 12 hour nights, but she was awake and in a good mood! Leslie brought her new bf, Tom, who was really nice. We had a […]

Blue Lou

Had an amazing evening of jazz last night. Got home, picked up Maryellen and we went to have dinner in BG at El Camino Real…awesome food! Then we went over to the music building on campus for the concert. This is the 14th year I’ve attended the BGSU Faculty Jazz ensemble concert on Wednesday night […]

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