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Baptism video

Geez, it’s been a BUSY week AND weekend… not much to report other than configuring computers and working on finish carpentry. Kind of boring… I put together a pretty sweet video (iMovie RULES!!!) of our baptism for our friends, Doug and Jenny, the two other members of our home group who were baptized along with […]

Guess I picked the wrong day to give up the Internet

Well, today was a bad day for the ‘net. I woke up this AM and my mail server was down and had apparently been down since about 2AM. I opened a ticket and they finally had things back up and running at about 2PM. 12 hours of down time is hard when it comes to […]


I’ve been waiting for this since the first time I ever saw a DVD. Seriously!!! Here’s the good news!

Couple of things…

First off…the Pez dispenser is at $66 and the Pac Man game is at $91 right now. Damn. I’m just amazed!! Saw a couple of good movies recently. First was “In the Bedroom.” I thought it was absolutely wonderful! I had it figured out by the end, but I still wanted to see it play […]

Bourne Identity

Watched the Bourne Identity last night. I haven’t seen a good action/suspense movie in a while. Gotta say I really enjoyed it! I hate to admit it, but I really like Matt Damon, from Good Will Hunting to Dogma to Rounders to Chasing Amy, he’s been in a LOT of good flicks, plays a good […]

Monty Python and Legos….a Winning Combination!!

Check out the Lego animated version of the “Knights of the Roundtable” song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


It’s a lazy Sunday morning and Footloose is on TBS! WOO HOO!!!

Amelie and sneakers squeking

Saw Amelie today. One of the few foreign films I’ve made it all the way through despite the subtitles. It was really cute. It’s funny, because the premise is something I’ve been living for oh…at least 15 years now. Do little things to make others feel good. I’ve been a fan of leaving my spare […]

A Beautiful Weekend

We had a really fun weekend!! Yesterday we went over to B & C’s and I hooked up their DSL to a wireless/wired network so Cheryl could take advantage of her new laptop w/o the wires. It was really sweet!! She brought the laptop out to the porch and we surfed all evening. We ate […]

North by Northwest

We watched North by Northwest last night. Really good movie. Cary Grant and Bowling Green’s own Eva Marie Saint. Movie is listed as one of the 100 best of all time. I’d have to agree. There were a few “Hokey” 1959 type moments (like the kissing scenes), but other than that, it was great! It’s […]

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