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Still bummin

I’m still kind of dragging lately. I had an interesting week. Lots going on at Glasstech. A great new co-worker! Lots of big projects that involve me getting things prepped for them, etc. Also got to spend some quality time this week with a friend who I always really liked, but now like her even […]


I’ve been sick for the past 24 hours or so… started feeling bad yesterday at work. Got home and felt worse and then spent last night on the couch alternating between sweat and shivers… Today I went in to work for a few hours and wished I hadn’t… got sick.. then I almost passed out […]

Lyric o’ the day…

So if you wake up this morning And those blues are hanging round, yeah… Just listen baby, I’ll tell you what to do, Just reach underneath your bed, And turn on your electric friend, yeah…. Woah, and send a buzz to me, Cuz you know where I’ll be, And then you can join me, in […]

A new idea….

Well, I’ve gotten a little tired of “blogging” per se. So, I thought I might try something a little different. I thought I might try something a little more rapid-fire. There’s been TONS going on in my life lately, but much of it I haven’t really wanted to share with the world, so I haven’t […]