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I wanna be like Mike!!

Well, I saw the ending of the career of the only figure, other than my dad, that I really idolized tonight. Gotta admit, I got a little teary. I saw him in person first his rookie season at a game in the Silverdome against the Pistons…he had one of his dunks that’s in every hi-lite […]

20,273 in stunned silence

The Shot… I get goosebumps every single time I see or hear that. One of the defining moments in MJ’s career. And Craig Ehlo’s too for that matter. 😉

Farewell to Michael

I’m going to post something I once wrote about MJ on here later, and maybe some other thoughts on Michael…but for now, read these words from Bill Walton. I’ve never been a huge Walton fan, and sometimes think he considers himself “holier than thou,” but this really does say part of what I feel today […]

Pontiac Commercials, Jimmy V, and feeling…

Ok…so the Pontiac commercials they’re running during the tourney give me goosebumps every freaking time. VERY good ad campaign. Fuel for the soul, indeed!! I don’t think I’d have done them any differently myself. I still haven’t seen Bryce Drew hitting the last second shot for Vanderbilt a few years back though. Is there any […]

Favorite day of the year!!

Well, this has always been my favorite day of the year…the first day of the NCAA tournament. This year is a little different. With the war starting last night it just takes some of the “fun” out of the day. I used to skip school every year, order pizza and watch the first day of […]


Sign up…play…win nothing.

March Madness!!

Well, I’ve gone ahead and set up the NCAA Tourney Tracker thingie again this year. No prizes…no bells or whistles, but it was fun last year so if you want to sign up and participate, PLEASE do!! Check it out at HERE!

BGSU Hoops

This awesome photo was from the Toledo Blade on Sunday. This is the reason I still continue to go to every game…year after year…for this, my 25th season of BG Basketball. People say I’m insane and ask me why… Moments like this one make it worth it. No question! Oh…and the kid on the shoulders […]

Happy Birthday MJ

Today is the 40th birthday of my biggest non-family hero, Michael Jordan!! Wish I had some of my photos scanned in to share…my shoes, my SLU Action Figure, the photo of me with MJ’s Vette at the old Chicago Stadium… Maybe I’ll do some scanning soon. Jordan: By the Numbers (thanks to 866 — […]

I can’t tell if this is cool or not…

Ambient Orb

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