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Well, I have a CT scan of my head tomorrow. Really looking forward to that… yep… suppose it’ll come back blank? Har har har…. Not sure I should stand behind that Cav’s prediction at this point, but you never know. 3 at home… stranger things have happened! Not sure what else to talk about. I […]

Still gives me goosebumps….

Awesome commercial out there right now for the 21st version of Nike’s Air Jordans!! The video shows kids in 4 or 5 different Jordan “moments.” It’s REALLY well done. Watch the video here… (it’s about 7MB) If you’re a fan of MJ this one’ll give you goosebumps. At least, it did for me!! Oh, and […]


Well, thanks to some prodding from several people, the brackets are up and running… make your picks quickly… you’ve only got about 24 hours!! Prizes include… well, nothing!


Ummmmmmmmmm, so at the half time of the NBA All-Star Game they have some “entertainment.” LeeAnn Rimes was cute and her song, while very boring, wasn’t bad. But right now there’s this band on called “Big and Rich” and, well, they suck! What REALLY sucks about them is they have a little person on stage […]

Offense is fun, but…

Defense wins championships!

I don’t believe it…I love the Pistons!!

Well, 10 years ago it would have been blasphemous to say what I just said. Things change though, the Bad Boys are gone and the new Pistons are all about defense. Rip Hamilton is great, Rasheed Wallace is a new player in his new setting and Ben Wallace is just about my favorite player in […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Make your picks, free of charge, win and get a lovely prize.

Fox Sports Net

Ummmmmmmmmm….well, they hired her for a reason I guess… Or maybe for 2 reasons…

All you need is Money — Er….Love

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe… The boy is an idiot…but he’ll get off scot-free I’m sure. Quote from the event: Kobe: “Sweetheart, I’m sorry I raped that girl. Here’s a 4 million dollar ring. I love you.” Kobe’s 19 year old wife: “Oh baby, you’re the greatest.” Kobe: “Thanks baby. I’ve got to go though. I’m […]

LeBron in BG?

According to this article, the Cleveland Cavs will be bringing their training camp to NW Ohio. Either UT or BG…I think BG would be the better choice if they really want to get away from the hype…hope it works out. It would be cool to see LeBron’s hummer parked at DiBenedetto’s or Downtown somewhere. 🙂

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