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Gee, that’s a shame…

Well, everything is booked for our vacation this summer! We’ll be spending 10 days in the Pacific NW again; Portland, Cannon Beach, and Husum, WA. And gee… how about this… our last night, we’re staying at a SWANKY hotel in Portland…AND to top it all off, the Oregon Brewers Festival will be going on that weekend. It’s only the largest brew fest in the nation, that’s all. Huh… wonder how THAT happened?? 😉 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, beer….

Desire Strong Sam Beer!!!

It’s been a LONG time since Moss and I brewed together, but a friend of mine started asking me about homebrewing recently, so I’ve been bitten by the bug again. I found the hard drive to an OLD computer in my closet and pulled this old Strong Sam Beer website off of it. Some pretty […]


Damn!! I’d love to try a snoot-full of that stuff. Every Sam Adams employee gets a free bottle. Not a bad deal! I’ve had some of the DogFish Head stuff they mention at the bottom of the article. Very very good stuff, but it hits you pretty fast and pretty hard!