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Back up and running…

Well, I have migrated everything off of the little old Linux box that I had been running from at home. It was a fun experiment and it served me well, but 400Mhz didn’t cut it anymore and the noise and space it was taking up is better utilized doing something else! So the Blog […]

My Powerbook!!!

This is the first post from my new Powerbook!! So far, it’s pretty damn SWEET!!!! I might just be a convert… it’ll take quite a while to fully evaluate, of course. So far, it’s been about the easiest thing in the world to set up and use! I’ll post more as I learn more… so […]

Spruced up a little bit…

Well, I broke down and updated my templates. They look pretty generic, but hey, it’s fast, it’s “elegant” and I’ll tweak things as time goes by. Apparently my “noses” were scaring some readers. *sigh* Did I mention I ordered my Powerbook??? 😉

Well, that was different!

Well, my day changed pretty quickly when my boss called this AM and said we had a hard drive fail on our main SQL server. SOOOOOO, my day off was spent working at Glasstech. Joy. It was kind of satisfying b/c we popped a new HD in, restored the data and the registry from tape […]


I’ve installed Gallery on my server and absolutely LOVE it! I’m going to use it for the new version of that’s going to go live on 7/1 and I’m using it

Well, that didn’t work…

Well, I just tried to install RedHat 9 on a different hard drive in this box and then migrate all the web stuff over from the original disk. I know I can do that…I just ran out of time I think and didn’t want to leave the server down overnight. Oh well. I did pop […]

More on Google News

Here’s an article on the guy that came up with the idea for Google News…Yes…I’m fascinated.

“new” browser

I just downloaded and am using Mozilla Firebird. It’s fast, stable so far, and has some really sweet features. Try it out yourself! I like it better than IE already.

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