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I’ve been writing a little bit again lately.  It feels really good! Thanks to Trent, I’m working on an essay for and I’m also tinkering around with a story I started a long time ago.  Sometimes words flow, sometimes they don’t… but it’s nice when they do. I also recently picked up the Complete […]

Truly Afflicted

I’ve had this video on my hard drive for a couple years now… not sure why I haven’t shared it before now… I think it may still be available on the Porsche website, but it looks like there’s only a flash version of it up there. I was lucky to grab the Quicktime version when […]

A dream realized…

Wow… seriously, that’s all I can say! This was me 18 years ago on a trip with Narras to Chicago. We stopped at a Porsche dealer and it was my first butt-to-leather contact with a 911. This, then, was me yesterday. Yeseterday I got to drive John Baxter’s (one of the VPs at Glasstech, where […]


So… who are YOU pulling for in this year’s Indy 500?? Thanks to Tony for pointing this website out. I read something about her in one of the car mags. She started racing when she was 10. TEN! Sheesh!! Memorial Day weekend she’ll be driving 225 MPH around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway… something I’ve always […]