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I’ve been writing a little bit again lately.  It feels really good! Thanks to Trent, I’m working on an essay for and I’m also tinkering around with a story I started a long time ago.  Sometimes words flow, sometimes they don’t… but it’s nice when they do. I also recently picked up the Complete […]


I really love my Thursdays at the library. Not sure why… I think it’s just the decompression of it all. Maybe it’s the nice wall of glass here while my office at work is building-locked w/no windows… maybe it’s just getting away for an hour… perhaps it’s being surrounded by books. I don’t know what […]

So long…

Well, unfortunately, they’ve decided to pull the plug on Thackeray’s Books a few weeks earlier than they had originally planned. Most of the employees will be moving over to the new Borders books at the mall, so they can’t keep Thackeray’s open and train the employees at the new store at the same time. 🙁 […]


I like to go to the library on my lunch hours. It’s a habit I picked up when I worked for GlassCity Internet downtown Toledo. 715 Jefferson was about 2 blocks from the main branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, so it was a great way to get out, get some fresh air […]

Don’t Panic!!

To coincide with the upcoming release of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie in April, I’m re-reading the book. My all-time favorite book, mind you!! I think I’ve read it well over 20 times. The movie looks interesting, but the trailer already has me wondering how true-to-the-book it will be. In one scene, Arthur […]

Run off by the Borders…

Well, I heard some rather depressing news last night. Thackeray’s Books, a Toledo institution, is closing after 22 years of serving Toledo’s readers. Toledo only really has one “mega” bookstore, with Barnes and Noble being right around the corner from Thackeray’s, but Thackeray’s owners cite competition from just those types of stores as the reason […]

Banned Books

Here’s a good entry by Jon Williams on his blog, The Barbaric Yawp (yes, Mup…I meant to email you this guy’s url after reading your DPS entry the other day…): Free People Read Freely I encourage and challenge you all to go out and read at LEAST one of these 100 most challenged books this […]