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So long…

I think it’s about time to archive all the stuff on this blog and start fresh with something new at this domain name….

Finally stopped and took some pictures of my favorite tree hacked…

Yeah, if you’re looking for info on, well, it was hacked. Pretty much every page was injected with malicious code. Luckily, the database that sits behind everything is untouched and was migrated to a newer version of the phpBB software that runs the message boards. I’m busy cleaning up the mess that the hackers […]

Andersyn’s new swing

Andersyn and I went to KMart today and got a swing because she LOVES the swings in the park. Well, she loves this one too, but she was SO pooped today from being upset about her new upper teeth cutting through, that she just giggled a bit and then zonked out!! So stinking cute… Click […]

My first Father’s Day as a father…

Had a great Father’s Day weekend with my two wonderful girls. We didn’t do anything special, just did some hanging out with friends and family and relaxing… just the way daddy likes it. Here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite pictures from the weekend: (click here to see it full screen)

In the ground

Well, I got my pepper plants in the ground tonight. YAY!! Not real happy with the seedlings this year, but we’ll see how things go. Here’s the varieties I’m growing (so far) this season: From Rupp Seeds ( Early Jalapeno Cayenne Chicken Itza From Cross Country Nurseries ( Sheepnose Pimento Lemon Drop New Delhi Long […]


A response from my representatives

Well, a couple weeks ago, I posted my letter to my state representatives regarding the Ohio law which prohibits some alcohol sales on Sundays. I heard back from representative Jeff Wagner (R) within a day. His response follows: Mr. Cummings, Thank you for your e mail. I am certainly not an expert on this issue […]

Check one off the bucket list!!

What a GREAT day we had yesterday at the Final Four in Detroit. This was fulfilling a life-long desire of mine… and even though I won’t be going to the national championship game tomorrow night (deferring to a good MSU alum friend) it was nothing short of a “dream come true” kind of event! We […]

Jasper Fforde

In a life that’s now dominated by baby things… (yes… we now own a minivan) it’s nice to have a little moment for myself. For several years I’ve been addicted to the books of Jasper Fforde. All of the Thursday Next books (starting with the Eyre Affair) and then also his Nursery Crimes books. Well, […]

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