Well, let’s see. What is there to know about me? My name is Grant Alan Cummings. I was born 3/6/1970 in Gorgas Hospital in Panama. I grew up in a loving family as an only child. Went through school as an underachiever, both in HS and college. I work in IT for a medium sized company in NW Ohio. I’ve lived in Elmore, OH for the past 10 years or so.

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Maryellen, for over 14 years now. We just had our first child, Andersyn Lee Cummings, on December 14, 2008. We have a dog named Roodi.

I love peppers, grow them, eat them, read about and research them… I’m by no means a scholarly authority, but I think I know more about them than most people. In my spare time I run www.ay-ziggy-zoomba.com, a website for Bowling Green State University athletics fans.