Well, I got my pepper plants in the ground tonight. YAY!! Not real happy with the seedlings this year, but we’ll see how things go.

Here’s the varieties I’m growing (so far) this season:

From Rupp Seeds (www.ruppseeds.com)
Early Jalapeno
Chicken Itza

From Cross Country Nurseries (www.chileplants.com)
Sheepnose Pimento
Lemon Drop
New Delhi Long
Rocoto Red
Rocoto Yellow
Naga Morich
Bhut Jolokia

From seeds I saved or received from friends:
Bhut Jolokia
Mystery Aji from Ecuador

I generally get a few more plants from friends and some left-overs from David at Schedel’s, so there could be more to grow in pots, but this should be a pretty fun mix. Lots of heat in this year’s crop!! Excited to try the Naga Morich especially… and the Chicken Itza from Rupp (where my brother-in-law works).

I’m going to TRY to do a good job chronicling the pepper garden this season. Even if it’s just a blog post to say I watered, or weeded… I want to take some photos, keep track of what I do, etc… Today, I just dug some holes and put some peppers in the ground! Always a great day when that happens! 🙂

Here’s some photos I’ve taken of peppers over the past 10 years or so…some are good, some aren’t, but hey, they’re all peppers!