What a GREAT day we had yesterday at the Final Four in Detroit. This was fulfilling a life-long desire of mine… and even though I won’t be going to the national championship game tomorrow night (deferring to a good MSU alum friend) it was nothing short of a “dream come true” kind of event!

We were part of the second-largest crowd to ever view a basketball game (at least until tomorrow night’s game, when I just bet we’ll drop to third) and got to see a fantastic game (and a not-so-great one too).

The energy and emotion in that building from the predominantly MSU crowd was infectious. I went in not really rooting for any one team, but was a State fan by the middle of the first half and will be rooting for Sparty tomorrow night!

Here’s a Flickr slideshow of some of the best pictures I got. LOVE the panorama at the end… it’s worth waiting for. 🙂 Click here to see it full-screen: