In a life that’s now dominated by baby things… (yes… we now own a minivan) it’s nice to have a little moment for myself.

For several years I’ve been addicted to the books of Jasper Fforde. All of the Thursday Next books (starting with the Eyre Affair) and then also his Nursery Crimes books.

Well, there’s only one book of his I haven’t read, and today I got a signed copy of it in the mail, direct from Goliath Corporation itself! I ordered my copy of “The Fourth Bear” from Jasper’s website not knowing I was getting a signed copy. There was a box for “inscription” or something like that when I filled out the order, and it said “30 character max.” So, I typed in “What can be said in 30 char…” and that’s exactly how he signed it. 🙂

Another little treat was the fact that Jasper included one of his post card Easter eggs. Tucked into the book was a limited edition post card with a photo from his “Ffotographica” series on the front called “Shades of Grey – Phonebox.” A nod to his upcoming book.

So, needless to say, I’m tickled with this purchase, package, surprise, and can’t wait to get into the story!! Right now though, there’s a double-overtime NCAA tourney game on… so the book’ll have to wait a little while.