date Mon, Feb 16, 2009
subject Ridiculous law!

Dear Senator Gillmor and Representative Wagner,

For years I’ve had trouble understanding the reasoning behind Ohio’s alcohol-on-Sunday laws, but yesterday I was struck by just how ridiculous they really are.

My wife and I were at the Anderson’s General Store in Northwood picking up a few things for a nice meal. We decided to splurge on some good beer and a bottle of wine as well. While browsing the wine aisles shortly before noon, we saw the sign that said “No wine or liquor sales until after 1PM.” This was the law that has always bugged me… but it gets better… I COULD still buy beer before 1! The Anderson’s has a great selection of craft beers and micro brews, many of which run in the 10-12% alcohol by volume range. So, I could have bought a beer with a higher alcohol content than the bottles of wine that I could NOT buy.

My main complaint comes with the existence of any “Sunday” alcohol laws at all. Why Sundays? Is it a religion thing? If so, what business does the government have legislating religion?? And if it doesn’t have a religious background, why the different rules on Sunday at all? I would think that Sundays before football games would be a prime beer-buying time and by repealing these laws, the state’s “sin tax” revenue on Sunday alcohol sales could spike upwards!

Let’s get rid of Ohio’s Sunday alcohol sales laws altogether!

Thank you,

Grant Cummings
344 Lincoln St.
P.O. Box 73
Elmore, OH 43416