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Testing new image plugin thingie

Found this plugin to do nifty things with images I want to post in WordPress. I think I like!! Click on the image of the Harness House at Worthy Wilderness (Grandma and Grandpa Rife’s place) to see for yourself.

Still no baby…

BUT… our house (and almost all of Elmore) is now on Google Street View! WOO!!! View Larger Map

In case you were wondering….

…and judging from the emails I’ve gotten today, several of you are wondering. No, nothing has happened in the birthing world yet. Maryellen’s due date is officially tomorrow, however, there’s some controversy regarding whether that date is correct or if it’s a week early. IN any case… the day is getting close. I think if […]

Grandma Rife

My grandma, Eunice Lennox Rife (Bivins) passed away on Saturday morning at her home. It’s a blessing, but she’ll surely be missed a LOT. She got to spend the last 9 days at home. Surrounded by her family and visited by her friends. She was ready to go, but we weren’t ready to let her […]

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