Well, it wasn’t a normal weekend by any stretch, which probably makes sense because it wasn’t a normal WEEK by any stretch. The week started out OK, went in early every day last week because of a trade show that Glasstech was at in Dusseldorf. It required quick turn-around of some quotes…etc. I won’t bore you with those details.

Then, Monday night, Maryellen and I had our first childbirth education class. It was interesting, kind of fun actually. We were the oldest couple in the class of 9 couples by FAR… but hey, so what!?

Tuesday morning, I got into work and learned that a friend and co-worker had passed away on Monday night. Just floored me… Glasstech was SO quiet on Monday, it was spooky. Chuck Wygant was a great guy… one of those people everyone loved, no one ever had anything bad to say about him. What a shock. He was only 53 and died playing a pick-up game o basketball.

So, that made the rest of the week rough. Work was busy though, so that seemed to keep everyones’ minds occupied, and the week kind of went fast.

Maryellen worked Saturday AM while I baked some cookies for her shower. Then I went to BG for a basketball scrimmage!! It was great to be in Anderson Arena… went up and sat in “dad’s seat” for a little while and talked with him a bit, then enjoyed some hoops.

Finally, yesterday was Chuck’s memorial service AND Maryellen’s baby shower. So I went over to the funeral home in BG, got to see a lot of people and it was a very nice memorial. Grabbed a bite to eat with some friends/co-workers and then headed back to Woodville. I got to mom’s house just as the shower was winding down. It was a great turnout, and they showered Maryellen with lots of great loot!! So we loaded up the cars and headed back home. Maryellen’s sister and our two nieces followed us home since they haven’t seen the new kitchen and then they headed back to Wauseon.

So, today it starts all over again. Childbirth class tonight… who knows what else the week ahead holds…