No one listened to what Joe Wurzelbacher and Senator Obama actually said… did they. Maybe it’s because I live in NW Ohio that I paid attention to the actual words coming from both men’s mouths.

Seriously… Joe Biden was out there today saying “Where I live, there aren’t any ‘Joe the plumbers’ making $250K.” That is NOT the point that Mr. Wurzelbacher was trying to make. It’s NOT what he said… and for GOD’S SAKE, it’s doesn’t matter whether he’s a licensed plumber or not, OK?? I don’t even think he EVER called himself a plumber. Hell, he (Joe the plumber) even said today that in his current situation, he WOULD benefit from Obama’s tax plan!!

See, the thing is… he doesn’t want to STAY in his current situation!

THAT is the whole point… ASPIRATIONS of greatness; WANTING to be successful; WORKING to better your situation; STRIVING to build wealth; DREAMS of starting a business that would employ others. Those things should never be discouraged. THAT, my friends, is the American Dream. That’s what Joe “the Plumber” wants to live.

I don’t care who you’re going to vote for… Don’t vilify a man who wants to live the dream.

“Drink up dreamers… you’re running dry…”

GOD I hate this election cycle….