Well, I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Not really sure why, just not much free time I guess.

Biggest news is that my grandma had a stroke 2 weeks ago. I know many of you who read this know her or at least know of her. She’s an amazing woman and someone who, through her life and actions, has shaped my life as much as anyone else.

After a week in the stepdown ICU, she had a week of acute rehab at St. Charles and today or tomorrow she’ll be moving to an extended care facility.

My grandma has been independent, living on her own for more than 15 years since my grandpa died. She’s 92 years old now… and still wants to get her independence back. The stroke has left her w/o the use of her left arm and most of the rest of her left-side faculties are greatly diminished.

So, please keep grandma Rife in your thoughts. I’ve been up visiting her as much as I can and know that she appreciates the thoughts and prayers of others.

Here’s a picture of Gram from the summer of ’07… 🙂