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Weird week

Well, it wasn’t a normal weekend by any stretch, which probably makes sense because it wasn’t a normal WEEK by any stretch. The week started out OK, went in early every day last week because of a trade show that Glasstech was at in Dusseldorf. It required quick turn-around of some quotes…etc. I won’t bore […]

OSU Marching band at Woodmore High School

Well, most know I’m no fan of Ohio State ANYTHING… but the exception to that has to be the OSU Marching Band. The Best Damn Band in the Land. Last night, they came to my alma mater, Woodmore High School! Assistant director of bands at OSU, Jon Waters, is a Woodmore grad, so it was […]


BabyC Originally uploaded by Pepperguy Some more ultra-sounds from this week of the growing mass within Maryellen’s belly. 🙂 Check out young BabyC!

The whole “Joe the Plumber” thing…

No one listened to what Joe Wurzelbacher and Senator Obama actually said… did they. Maybe it’s because I live in NW Ohio that I paid attention to the actual words coming from both men’s mouths. Seriously… Joe Biden was out there today saying “Where I live, there aren’t any ‘Joe the plumbers’ making $250K.” That […]

Yes… this may be the best DVD ever created!

If you’ve never seen Top Gear, this may not be quite as exciting for you… but still, tell me this isn’t the best promo video ever. You can’t do it, because it is. Best part, about the 43 second mark… although the destruction of the traffic camera with rockets fired from the side of a […]

Been a while…

Well, I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Not really sure why, just not much free time I guess. Biggest news is that my grandma had a stroke 2 weeks ago. I know many of you who read this know her or at least know of her. She’s an amazing woman and someone who, […]