We had a great weekend here at MelNose place. It started Friday night with our friend Brandon coming over to brew a batch of beer! We brewed “Bouncing Baby Barleywine” and plan on bottling it up and cellaring it until the little Cummings baby is born in the winter. Maryellen had her camera going during the brew process:

BouncingBabyBarleywine - 31

Then, Saturday was kind of a lazy day. M worked half a day and then we did a little shopping afterwards. Clearance racks at Eddie Bauer and some maternity place were quite fruitful!!

Today we got up and walked for over an hour on the new North Coast Inland Trail segment that was recently paved coming into town here. Awesome walk! Maryellen even found a big old hops vine growing along the former train tracks outside of town!

When we got home, I did a little grocery shopping and then cooked my Sunday meal. Thanks to a new friend who contacted me because of my YouTube videos, I made Andhra Chili Turkey. This is a dish with bhut jolokia pepper in it! It ended up being fantastic!! It was hot, but wasn’t TOO hot. And I adapted Hemant’s recipe to include a lot of fresh veggies from the garden (tomatoes and other peppers) and also some mushrooms. Mmmmm, it was so good. AND there’s leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

Holy cow this was good!