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So… Guess what event I have 2 tickets to???


I’m in the Corti-zone!

Got cortisone injections in my hips yesterday. Man, you talk about fun! The doctor kept saying “Sorry…” I might be feeling a bit of relief this morning though. Not sure yet because I’m still pretty sore from the shots themselves. He said to give it a couple of days. Anyone else done the ‘sone? Dang. […]


104,000ft Originally uploaded by arena_5 This is one of the most amazing Flickr sets I’ve seen! These guys launched a Pentax k10d digital SLR below a weather balloon and it went over 20 miles up to the very outer limits of the atmosphere taking photos the whole way. Just gorgeous!! Kudos to that team at […]


27 years ago today MTV came on the air with this video. Here’s Geoff Downes (keyboard player from the Buggles) a couple summers ago…. I heard you on the wireless back in ’52… Lying awake intently tuning in on you… If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through….