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Bike to the Bay

Bike to the Bay Originally uploaded by Pepperguy Well, we did the one day version of the Bike to the Bay for the National MS Society today. Whew… we’re both pooped!! The weather was pretty good, wind was at our back most of the day and I think we actually went faster than we were […]

Final Push

Just a reminder that we’re getting close to the ride! It’s next weekend, so I thought I’d post a reminder here and give ANYONE and EVERYONE the chance to sponsor me in the ride for MS. A few years ago, when we were doing the MS Walk, I posted “our story” (mostly Maryellen’s story) here: […]

Hey, wanna hear our baby’s heart beat???

Isn’t technology awesome?? Maryellen had a midwife appointment today and they were going to listen to fetal heart sounds…. well, I couldn’t go, but I sent along my digital recorder and she recorded it for me. It’s now an MP3 and on the internet for the world to hear! (yeah, I know… it’s boring and […]

Happy Birthday Gemini!!!

One of my all-time favorite coasters turns 30 today! It seems a little slow and rickety now, but when it opened in 1978 it was the tallest and fastest in the world! I remember one overcast day when Cedar Point wasn’t very busy when my cousin Randy and I were able to ride the Gemini […]

Pretty flowers…

DSCF2606 Originally uploaded by Pepperguy We have a “Terra Cotta” rose in the back corner of our yard that is just gorgeous this year. It’s the only rose we’ve really had success with… it doesn’t seem to suffer from black spot much, and it blooms are beautiful and strong year after year! I snapped a […]

Amazing rainbow!!

I saw the most amazing rainbow driving between Perrysburg and Bowling Green tonight. It had just rained so hard traffic was stopped on I75… wind was blowing tractor-trailers all over… but in a matter of seconds it stopped, and the sun came out. It was at a high angle in the sky and projected a […]

Before and after

OK, so beards ARE hot in the summer… ick.

Also 20 years ago yesterday….

One of my VERY favorite movies, Big, was released. 🙂 We watched it last night. I never realized that it was my “graduation movie.” What a fantastic flick. And, as we’ve been bouncing baby names around, Joshua always keeps coming back to me for one reason… that movie. He only says “Joshua” once, it’s Josh […]

It was 20 years ago today….

I graduated from Woodmore High School. Wow… does that make me old??? Of course, my advanced math teacher then is the new principal there now… I KNOW that makes him old! 😉

Who wants to buy my bike???

I have 3 Specialized Sirrus bikes… they’re all great. One for me, one for Maryellen, and one for YOU! Buy this one!!