I wrote this in an email tonight… not sure it was appreciated by the recipient (as he’s about 15 years younger than me) but it really made me wax nostalgic for some old-school NBA playoffs.

I stopped watching the NBA playoffs when the Cavs lost. Doc Rivers bores me. Kobe is a male slut. KG is great, but plays for the f-ing Celtics. There’s just no compelling story line in the NBA for me right now. Sure Celtics/Lakers in the finals would be nostalgic, but unless Chief, McHale, the ghost of DJ, Ainge and Bird come out of geriatric retirement and Kurt Rambis revives the horn-rims, it ain’t the same. Damn dude… Worthy, Byron, Magic, Kareem and AC/Rambis… those were amazing times.

Oh… and yes. Kurt Rambis really WAS my hero.