Well, I’ve got 5 days of commuting left. Why is that? I’m leaving Autodesk and going back to work for Glasstech! Autodesk is a great environment in which to work, great people, really SMART people, and a really progressive corporate environment. Parts of me really wish I could stay there. The problem is the commute. It’s 3 hours a day in the car.

We’ve decided that we want to stay put in Elmore for the birth of our child. My mom is close, my grandma is close and we want them around throughout the process. Maryellen’s family isn’t too far away either, so rather than move away and introduce a lot of unknown variables into the equation, we’re going to invest a little bit into our house and stay put.

So, my return to Glasstech (another company I loved working for for 4.5 years or so) will bring back a one-way commute of around 20 minutes. I’d MUCH rather be 20 minutes away as this pregnancy progresses than 90 minutes. AND, being back in NW Ohio will afford me the chance to accompany Maryellen to a lot of her pre-natal appointments, ultrasounds, etc!!

So, I will begin my role as the Quote Coordinator at Glasstech on May 27. It will be a new challenge for me. It will be interesting being there in a different capacity. I’m really excited about the change for a lot of reasons. I plan on NO MORE job changes for a long time!!

In other developments… we ditched Time-Warner Cable/RoadRunner last week in favor of new DSL service from Verizon and satellite TV through DirecTV. The performance is fantastic on both accounts, and we’re saving almost $20 a month!!

Quotes on a kitchen remodel and central air conditioning are pending. 😉 That’ll be nice! Now I’m headed out to clean out the gutters!