I can’t help but wonder what my dad would be thinking right now. You know… when I eulogized him at his memorial service 7 years ago, I re-read something HE had written when his dad passed. This particular passage keeps sticking in my mind…

I want to say just a few words about my father. Someday my son, Grant, will say a few words about me. Someday, further on, Grant’s son will say a few words about him. That’s the natural way of things!! We need not fear it, we must embrace and accept it.

When dad said that at my grandpa’s funeral, I thought to myself… “Yeah… I doubt it.” Then when I re-read his words at his funeral, I thought, “No way…” I was 31 and didn’t think THEN that I’d ever have a kid. He knew though. Dad loved to be right when others thought “no way…”

Someday my son (or daughter) will say a few words about me… You were right, dad. 🙂
Dad and me