Just finishing up a great 3-day weekend!

Saturday we went to Cleveland to see Asia at the House of Blues. They were awesome!

Click for weekend pix…

Prior to that, we checked into our hotel downtown and then walked over to 4th Street and ate at a delicious Mexican place called Zocalo. From there we walked to The HOB and stood in line for a while as we had floor standing seats. While in line we ran into a friend from Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba.com!! We watched the first half of the show from the floor about 20 feet from the stage. It was sweet being that close! Then, at the intermission, we milled about and ended up watching the second set from the balcony. They sound as good as, or better than they sounded 25 years ago!!

Walked back to the hotel and got a good night’s rest, then Sunday we headed east to Chardon to a former college roommate and friend’s place and he and his wife had us over for a wonderful gourmet brunch! French toast, homemade sausage, fruit salad, fruit and nut stuffed crepes, taters, bacon, and some fantastic conversation. Mark and Paula are “mature” parents. Had their only girl while in their 30’s, so we talked about that a bit. Was great getting their perspective on things and just hanging out.

Then we headed back home and crashed. Watched Pretty Woman on TBS. 🙂 Julia Roberts looked good in that flick and then never again, IMO…

Then today, I had a vacation day and what a perfect day! Got up and went to Lowe’s to pick up some lumber and then came home and built a replacement compost bin. Our old one lasted several years, but finally gave up the ghost and we went w/o last year. Had to get one built so that the mulch pile wasn’t up against the back of the garage. Ran to Anderson’s and the House of Meats around lunch time for some more supplies, and ended up getting a turkey burger patty for M and a jalapeno/cheddar sirloin burger for myself. Grilled them up and then went back to work. Got all the mulch into the compost bin, cleaned out the garden and the rest of the flower beds, hauled several loads of stuff to the village’s vegetation dump. We’ll call it my tribute to Earth Day.

Finally filled up the car for the next two days and am down for the night now. Will probably just crash and watch the Cavs game tonight.

Speaking of filling up, here’s my mileage chart for my car, courtesy of a Google spreadsheet.