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The Seedling!!

Well, yesterday was the 7-year anniversary of my dad’s death, so it seems only fitting in this whole “circle of life” thing that today we got our first look at “The Seedling” via the sound that is ultra. Yeah, I told myself I wouldn’t be “that guy” who goes around showing off the ultrasound, but […]

Bad news… the fog’s getting thicker!

Yep, he was right after all

I can’t help but wonder what my dad would be thinking right now. You know… when I eulogized him at his memorial service 7 years ago, I re-read something HE had written when his dad passed. This particular passage keeps sticking in my mind… I want to say just a few words about my father. […]

What a great weekend!!

Just finishing up a great 3-day weekend! Saturday we went to Cleveland to see Asia at the House of Blues. They were awesome! Click for weekend pix… Prior to that, we checked into our hotel downtown and then walked over to 4th Street and ate at a delicious Mexican place called Zocalo. From there we […]

Big news….

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag now…. some of the “key players” already know… so I’ll just post it here for the world to see. Screw the “early notification jinxes!!” We’re pregnant!!! Yeah… so in light of that… we’re going to be staying put in Elmore for the foreseeable future too. As […]

Yummy smelling stuff!!

Got home yesterday to a box from my cousin Stephanie! It had a candle in it from her new business she’s doing selling “Mia Bella” stuff. Maryellen and I love candles, so she was pretty excited too, nothing better than a good smelling house!So, anyhow, this candle is apparently her top selling scent, Sweet Orange […]

The best fringe benefit….

Just about 20 feet from where I sit lives one of these… With all the free K-cups you could ever want….