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Offer Accepted!!

Well, we made an offer on a house and, lo and behold, it was accepted today! So, pending inspections and the like… we are to close May 1. WHOOPIE!!! I give you, 390 Fessner! 390 Fessner

A weekend of good food!

With Maryellen laid up with back issues, I got to play cook this weekend. First I made a pizza from scratch. It turned out fantastic. I love making a crust from scratch, adding oregano and pepper flakes right to the dough. And the pizza stone makes the crust just the right combo of crispy and […]

I’m not afraid to admit it… ONIONS!!

I love Bill Raftery calling basketball games! The Xavier/WVU game tonight has been fantastic and his commentary has made it doubly-so! Oh… and there has NEVER been a better call than “Send it in, Jerome!!!” (bit of trivia there… the guy who threw Jerome Lane that pass, Sean Miller, is now Xavier’s head coach!) Early […]

Happy Pi-day Friday!!

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Phone photos

Random collection of photos from my phone… figured I should get them all backed up and archived since my phone is toast and being replaced by the lovely folks at Verizon tomorrow. There’s everything here from a black eye, to an Audi R8, to french toast to the UofM homecoming game! From Phone

Lotsa snow!!

I just spent 1:15 or so shoveling us out. I think we got about 7-8″ with some drifts by the side of the house to mid-thigh. Crazy! People just 20-30 miles west of us got an inch or two at most, and I’ve heard Cleveland area is getting up to 2 feet today! Quite the […]