So, I’ve had today and I have tomorrow off before starting the new job with Autodesk. I’m excited, and a little scared.

I’m definitely excited about the job!! For the longest time I’ve been what you could call a “jack-of-all-trades… master of none” in my job. The position at Autodesk will allow me, actually will force me, to become an expert in Autodesk’s data management products. I really look forward to that!

The scared part boils down to the relocation issues… buying and selling a house… and even more so, Maryellen finding a job she likes up in that area.

As it stands right now, I’m going to commute for at least a little while and see how that goes. If it proves to be too much, I’ll rent a room from a friend or grab a hotel room once or twice a week. Just to maintain some sense of normalcy in the short term.

It’s all just going to be crazy for a couple of months!!