I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry about that. (not really sure WHO I’m apologizing to here….)

Snow flying has made me realize I need some tires for my car. We went to see Spamalot last weekend (HILLARIOUS) and the weather was frightful. At a red light, other cars would go when the light turned green, while my car spun its tires and just sat there.

Was down for the last 36 hours or so with some kind of a stomach bug… that’s always fun….

Not a whole lot to say right now….

OH.. check out Andrew’s book! (well, Andrew and Dave’s…) I really need to put some effort into writing them a real review and pushing it a little more. It’s a fantastic read if you’re at all into college hoops. A great read if you’re into hearing of a couple of college guys just road-tripping their heads off, freezing their butts off, and doing everything in their power to meet the best coaches EVER in college basketball! Destination Basketball… pick up a few dozen copies for Christmas!!!