So, you know how when you drive the same route to work every single day at the same time you end up passing the SAME vehicles on a daily basis, right? I first noticed “Motorcycle Man” when I was pulled over along-side the road with one of Woodville, Ohio’s finest writing me an $85 ticket for a stop sign violation I still say never occurred. Nonetheless, here came this guy on a motorcycle… I made note because his headlight was dimmer than it should be… sort of an orange-ish color instead of white. And it was drizzling… I thought “It would suck to be on a motorcycle in this…”

Since then I’ve seen him every single morning. EVERY MORNING. Today is November 2… when I passed Motorcycle Man this morn, I looked at my dashboard thermometer and it said the outside temperature was 29F. TWENTY-NINE and he’s riding his motorcycle!!! Headlight still dim… saving gas I guess?

Some may call him crazy… but me? I like him. Go, Motorcycle Man… GO!!!