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Photos from Chicago trip

Click on the picture below to see the gallery of photos from my Chicago trip.

Hi from Chicago!!

I’m in Chicago.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Birthday dad!!

Howard Dayne Cummings, 11/19/1943 – 4/27/2001 Still missing you every day….

Punkin Pie!!

Well, I had Monday off, so, what did I do? I made a pumpkin pie from scratch. Yep, crust and everything. And you know what? It turned out GREAT!! I topped it off with some whipped cream that I whipped myself with some sugar and brandy… DELISH!!! Check it out from start-to-finish in the gallery.

Motorcycle Man!!!

So, you know how when you drive the same route to work every single day at the same time you end up passing the SAME vehicles on a daily basis, right? I first noticed “Motorcycle Man” when I was pulled over along-side the road with one of Woodville, Ohio’s finest writing me an $85 ticket […]