I haven’t re-read too many books. The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an exception… and, other than that, I can’t think of too many.

Right now, I’m re-reading Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. It was a fantastic read the first time through… almost life-changing. Recommended to me by a really good friend, I’ve passed the book along, either physically or as a recommendation to at least 20 others. Re-reading it now, I’m finding new little things I missed and really appreciating the language and marking some of my favorite lines and quotes as I go.

This book is about the triumph of love against seemingly impossible circumstances. It’s about devotion and hope. It’s just a nearly perfect book, IMO… with the exception of the ending. Beautifully written, two AMAZING characters in Henry and Claire. The story is a little hard to follow at the start, jumps around in a weird manner that is possibly unique to literature, but after the first 50 pages or so, you get it, and you’re hooked!

One of the nicest things to come out of this book for me is the number of people I’ve loaned it to, or recommended it to, who have come back to me and said… “You are Henry DeTamble….” I’m certainly a Romantic… and I certainly believe in Love being the strongest force in the universe… and I can see some parallels, I guess, but wow… that’s a great compliment!

So, gentle readers, allow me to recommend one of my all-time favorite books to you! The Time Traveler’s Wife.

“To happiness. To here and now.” -Claire
“To world enough and time.” -Henry