Well, I haven’t posted much lately… haven’t had time!!

I love my new job so far. It’s awesome. Non-stop walking around campus and great interaction with people. Two things I love. And it reminds me daily of why I love BGSU… Three things… Eye contact, smiles, and “Hello.” You don’t get that everywhere. But on the campus of BGSU, it happens all the time with almost everyone you come in contact with!

One of the things that I feel a little silly admitting is the fact that I LOVE my commute!! It’s a little longer than my drive to Glasstech (by about 5 minutes), but it’s SO much more enjoyable. I get to enjoy gorgeous sunrises right now… and the route, as many times as I’ve driven it during my lifetime, is as fresh and challenging as it was on day one.

You can drive it leisurely and slow… or you can drive it hard and aggressively. It’s SUCH a great route. Dips and hills, curves, straight-aways… decreasing-radius curves… spots where you can blast to 100MPH… seriously… it would make a fantastic road course!!

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