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PepperGals — The Sequel!!!

Wish I could have zoomed in on Maryellen’s eyes. Tears rolling down her face! Her hic-ups are priceless too! Kelley, well, she’s either WAY tougher than anyone else in the world, or she cheated somehow! 😉

So far, so good!

Well, almost a week of BGSU employment under my belt and so far it’s going well. I think I fit pretty well for the work that needs to be done. Still need to learn a lot about the processes and procedures of the department, but that will all come along in time. Tell you what […]

Second guessing…

Well, tomorrow I start my new job at BGSU. I’m excited! I think it’ll be great in the long-term, but to be honest, I’m second guessing myself a little bit right now. I think that’s normal, but I hate the feeling of wondering if I made the right choice. Everyone tells me I did, but […]


I took some pictures of a hummingbird eating at the feeder in our back yard. Click the image for all of them. I’ve always been fascinated by how TINY these little birds are. Just amazing to watch!!

Back to work… and more photos

Well, I’m going to head back in to Glasstech today. Not sure how much I’ll be able to do, but it’ll be kind of nice to get back into the grind again. I don’t think I’ll be able to much more than half-a-day though. Ugh… sinus surgery kicked my butt. Just don’t have it in […]