Wow… well, besides being nervous about my sinus surgery on Monday, my head/heart have been through the ringer this week!

I’ve been pretty happy at Glasstech. It’s been a good job, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve gotten to work with a lot of good people. So I’ve never really been “LOOKING” for a new job. BUT, I would always keep my eye on the BGSU job board.

Over the past couple years, I’ve applied for 3 or 4 jobs there and never heard anything back. So, when I saw a job listing in June that I felt matched my skill-set pretty darn well, I didn’t expect much from it… but I dusted off my resume and sent it in none-the-less. Nothing happened for a while, and I kind of wrote it off. Then I got a call on July 24 for an interview! That’s a good sign for me. My credentials may not look all that super on paper, but I think I interview really well!!

The interview was on July 31, and I thought it went great! I met with a hiring committee for an hour, and then interviewed with my two potential supervisors for an hour after that. It felt comfortable, I answered things honestly and had a nice conversation going. Neither portion really felt like an interview, more like a dialogue. I left feeling pretty confident!

BGSU has this Office of Human Relations website that keeps a PDF up which shows the status of current job openings and hiring processes. I was told to keep an eye on that, and also was welcomed to call and/or email to keep tabs on the process. Well, I called and never got a call back. I emailed and never got an email back… I was losing hope. Finally, last Monday that PDF changed from “Interviewing” to “Offer Pending.” I felt deflated and resigned myself to the fact that it just didn’t work out. I’d re-dedicate myself to Glasstech after my surgery and it wasn’t that big a deal.

Driving home from work on Wednesday, my cell rang and the caller ID said “BGSU IT.” I answered it and expected to hear “Thanks for your time, but we’ve decided to go with someone else.” But instead I heard, “I’m excited to be calling to offer you the position of Technology Support Specialist in our Information Technology Services department!” WOO HOO!!! So after a day of negotiating (I learned you can’t really negotiate with a University much) and soul-searching/praying, I accepted the position on Friday afternoon.

I broke the news to my boss at Glasstech at about 4:30 on Friday and he was really supportive and excited for me. I really appreciated that! He’s in a rough spot, and I hate “sticking” him, but I’ve got to do what I think gives me the best long-term potential for advancement, both in my career and my education. He felt the same way and thinks I’ll thrive in the environment of BGSU. I DO TOO!!

OH, and then yesterday evening I learned that Dr. Ribeau (President of BGSU) issued a memo detailing a hiring freeze in the immediate future… so it appears I got in JUST under the wire!

So that’s been my week!! It’s been such a roller-coaster of emotions, I’ve kind of not been able to get nervous about the surgery on Monday. Guess I should get on that now though, huh? Naaaaah… it’ll go fine.