Let’s see… Friday the 13th. Sounds like my lucky day!

Can’t believe my pepper eating video from last weekend has been viewed over 8000 times on YouTube! Insane. Just insane.

Hmmmm, well, my surgery has been scheduled. August 27th. It’s a Monday morning. Hopefully the Dr. will be fresh off a good weekend of golf or something. HA! 3 procedures, the septoplasty, turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty. I hope it helps. Everyone “in the know” seems to think it will. I’ve truly been suffering with this chronic sinus crap for years and years… it’s kind of become my “normal.” So if it DOES help, I’m sure the quality-of-life improvement will be drastic!

What else? Finished a great book last week. “Where the truth lies” by Rupert Holmes… yep, the guy who did the Pina Colada Song… He’s got two novels out and they are both really good, and I’m not usually one to praise murder-mysteries, but I’d recommend them. Hmmm, just checked Amazon. Didn’t realize it became a Kevin Bacon movie. LOL… now I’ve lost all credibility.