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July 27, 2007 is SysAdmin Day!!

Hug your favorite SysAdmin tomorrow!! 

Shifting gears

Moving away from idiotic driving incidents… here’s a cute picture of me, my cousin Mike and a puppy. 🙂 Mike will be flying in from Portland on Thursday (and boy will his arms be tired) with his kids. He’s never seen our house… he doesn’t come around these parts too often. Should be a great […]


So, this morning, I got in my car, opened up Maryellen’s side of the garage so I could easily pull my door back down afterwards (she has an opener, my side is manual) and backed out… but I never opened up MY door.  CRUNCH!!  I’m such an idiot in the morning.  I was able to […]

Michael Vick

Senator Robert Byrd said today: “I am confident that the hottest places in Hell are reserved for the souls of sick and brutal people who hold God’s creatures in such brutal and cruel contempt.” Amen…  Senator Byrd…. Amen! 

Wisdom from a dad…

From David Weiss’ blog… wisdom sent to him from his dad.  GREAT stuff to always keep in mind. 1. I am different. So I need to figure out how others think, because they don’t think like I do.    2. Learning about change is not changing. 3. Most people agree that improvement and change is needed, […]


I had a sick day yesterday and ended up updating my version of WordPress to the latest release and all my plugins as well.  If you notice anything weird, give me a holler. Right now I’m trying to get the “Now Reading” plugin working correctly.  It seems OK for my existing library, but I’m having […]

So, what’s new?

Let’s see… Friday the 13th. Sounds like my lucky day! Can’t believe my pepper eating video from last weekend has been viewed over 8000 times on YouTube! Insane. Just insane. Hmmmm, well, my surgery has been scheduled. August 27th. It’s a Monday morning. Hopefully the Dr. will be fresh off a good weekend of golf […]

Holy cow!

5195 views of the pepper-eating YouTube video as of this evening. Sheesh! Thanks to everyone for spreading it around the net. Weird to see something spread like that. Almost viral! w00t! 😉 –Update– It’s Tuesday morning now and it’s up to 6647 views.  Just bizarre…

Holy HEAT!!!

Well, tonight, thanks to my old friend David at Schedel’s, I tasted the bhut jolokia pepper… the hottest in the WORLD! It definitely lived up to its hype (kind of the iPhone of the pepper world 😉 ) Maryellen helped me document the moment and I uploaded it to YouTube. Wow! If you can, I’d […]

The great “Which Stall” poll

Faced with the following options, which one would YOU choose??

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