Had a fun, but kind of exhausting weekend. Highlight was yesterday when we went out to the Schedel Arboretum and Gardens with my boss and the 3 workers from India that have been at Glasstech for a few months. I put those pics up on Picasaweb here.

After that, Kelley, Maryellen and myself returned home for steaks, peppers and eggplant from the grill. The steak was great. I made a rub the night before from multi-colored peppercorns, brown mustard seed and some cayenne in a mortar & pestle. Let it “soak in” to the steak overnight and it was GOOD! Kelley then graced us with some home-made shortcake for a decadent dessert!
I didn’t take enough pictures of the food 🙁 but here’s some pics from the rest of the afternoon. It was fun!

Now I’m waiting to hear back regarding the CT scan from last week. Dr. Adappa wants to do surgery on my nose to repair my deviated septum at the least, but the CT is to check my sinuses for inflammation and/or polyps and to consider “going deeper” with the surgery. I’m not at all thrilled with the idea, but I will entertain it and will talk with as many people who have had the surgery before going through with it. Anyone have any great sinus surgery success stories??