Wow… not since the Michael Jordan “Flu” game against Utah have I been so completely impressed, blown away, and even moved by an individual performance in a basketball game. Last night, LeBron James was simply phenomenal. He was “on,” he was in “the zone,” he had “the look,” whatever you want to call it, he single-handedly took over and won game 5 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals between the Cavs and the Pistons.

The hostile takeover began upon James’ return to the game 4 minutes into the 4th quarter. From then on I think he scored all but 1 of the Cavs final 30 points. 48 total points. 2 overtimes. LeBron made the Pistons look helpless. He made the rest of the NBA look helpless for the years ahead. He’s 22 years old. Dunks, fade-aways, 3-pointers, brute-force, finesse, he had it all last night. Unstoppable.

I haven’t been “in to” the NBA nearly as much since MJ retired, but I try to tune into LeBron’s games when he’s on. Glad I didn’t miss witnessing that one last night.